A smartphone with interchangeable lenses? That’d be the iBall Cobalt4

You get 4 lenses bundled with the Cobalt 4 - a zoom, a macro, a fish eye and a wide angle

iBall reckons photography fans aren’t still well served by smartphones. That must be why they’ve kitted out the new Cobalt4 mSLR with 4 interchangeable lenses.

The Cobalt4 mSLR phone itself won’t raise any eyebrows – with a 5in, qHD display (960x540), 1GB RAM, 3G and 8GB internal memory (expandable by up to 32GB), all running on Android KitKat, it does seem rather outdated. But the cold, hard specs aren’t the point here – it’s the camera, silly.

You see, while the Cobalt4 mSLR also has only 8MP / 3.2MP cameras, it’s got a very interesting trick up its sleeve – it comes bundled with four separate lenses which you can clip on. You get an ‘8x’ zoom, a fish eye with a 175-180-degree view, a macro with 10x magnification and minimum focusing distance of 15mm, and a wide angle with a 130-degree view. Yes, bizarre as it sounds, the new Cobalt4 mSLR is an interchangeable lens smartphone!

The iBall Cobalt4 mSLR has a list price of 8,499 and is available via a variety of offline and online channels.