Smartbox wants to play ‘M’ while you Bond about

You need to collect your parcel from a secret location? Sounds like funsies

So, what exactly is a smartbox? Smartbox is India's first network of automated parcel delivery terminals which are located at various convenient places. Soon to be spotted throughout the country where your online shopping can be delivered – instead of your home or office.

Need to get that toilet golf set delivered at home, but don’t want your wife to get a whiff of it? Get it delivered to Smartbox. Then go and collect it when you get the SMS for delivery.

Apart from sneaking things into the house, this service can also be useful if you stay in office more than you do at home and keep missing deliveries. With the Smartbox, you can collect your parcel anytime you want (within three days of you receiving the SMS). You don’t have to depend or co-ordinate with the mail man at all.

There’s also Cashless-Cash-On-Delivery or, in more civil terms, Card Swipe on Delivery. By that, we mean the Smartbox machine accepts cards on the spot; you don’t have to visit ATMs for cash. So how much do you pay for this mail-it-to-the-box service? Nothing, it’s absolutely free. Check out for more.