The smart home grows up and we have a quick guide for you in the latest issue of Stuff magazine

Smarter living, highly evolved phones phones, and more…

Making a bigger impact than Arya Stark in The Battle of Winterfell, the latest issue of Stuff has landed featuring the greatest gadgets to automate your home.

We’ve gone in hard on the smart home focusing on tech that actually matters, like smart air cons, safe as houses security kit and mesh networks to supercharge your sluggish Wi-Fi. You won’t find any Bluetooth forks or voice-activated plants pot here peeps. Frankly the feature is worthy of your attention for the puns alone.

Huawei’s P30 Pro is reviewed and rated as we ask whether it’s the best phone money can buy? Samsung’s S10 and Apple’s XS might have something to say about that so we’ve squared them up against each other. There’s no spoiling the smartphone party this year. We look at the latest Bluetooth turntables to satisfy vinyl junkies with one foot in the future, a sneak peek into Hot Wheels’ factory in California, how to master Snapseed in Beta Yourself, and our favourite wireless chargers for setting the juice loose wherever you happen to be.

That’s far from all, because in this issue we’ve also got the exciting review of Division 2, our take on some of the best sneakers, and more... There’s also tons of reviews - including Apple’s mid-year presentations, the iPad Mini and AiPods2. Some of our Hot Five and Hot Stuff will make you go weak in the knees. You can only find out once you pick up the mag. Acer has dropped so many new products that we had a tough time deciding which one you must be introduced to first.

Spotify, Gaana, Apple Music… there’s a horde of streaming services out there screaming for the attention to be worthy of a monthly subscription. We’ve done our homework and chosen a winner. Make sure your money goes to the most deserving one as per your choice of music.We’ve got some mad skills, right, and to make matters even more wonderful this month there’s Avengers: Endgame and weekly episodes of Game of Thrones to accompany you indoors. Clickety, click, click on the link now or grab a copy here to save yourself a trip to the shop.