A "smart" fridge that does just about everything but cook - the Godrej NXW

There's enough tech in here to embarrass your phone and keep your food really happy.

Every cook worth his/her salt knows that different food requires to be stored at different temperatures. Unfortunately, not every fridge knows that.

Except for Godrej's new NXW - The Next Generation Refrigerator. You now no longer have to restrict your storage to 'freeze' and, er, 'non-freeze'. The NXW has three flexible temperature zones that allow you to customise how you store your yummies. And there are four modes of cooling - Regular (du-uh), Party (yes, invite us!), Weekly Stocking (no more daily grocery shopping) and Vacation (yes, who likes coming home to that 'welcome back' blast of stale air?).

Also packed in is a digital touchscreen panel that lets you change temperature settings without even opening the fridge door, and a motion-sensing zone light that makes for a fun party trick. But that's not all. This cool refrigerator also has a collapsible wine rack, bright LED lighting, a flexi-freeze bin and slide-and-serve door bins to ensure that the party can begin right in the kitchen itself. Actually, why restrict this smart gadget to the kitchen? Flash it in your living room, we say! Yours for 49,000-79,000.