Skechers says, let’s GO 4 a WALK, baby!

The new Gowalk4 is a mesh we’d like to be in

Stinky feet a problem? Worry not.

If you’re one of those people who is capable of emptying an entire room just by removing their shoes, get one of these because the breathable mesh upsole keeps your feet ventilated and spare others the torture when you finally take them off. The cushioned sole allows you to hop, bounce, dance or trot around the supermarket with ease – any excuse is a good excuse to step out in one of these lightweight and trendy pairs.

Skechers shoes have always been so good at their job that it took some of us years to get rid of the first pair we’ve ever owned. Many years and many, many designs later, the shoemaker brings together an element of fashion and comfort for your feet and makes your walks feel like a piece of cake rather than the arduous task you make them out to be.

With something that looks this good and costs 5,299 upwards, we’d happily bask in the goodness our feet feel and not bother with the science behind the Goga Max Technology. Rest assured, once you get used to the comfort of these slip-ons, you’ll be singing Elvis’s Blue Mesh (oops, suede) Shoes even while walking to the loo!