A Sine of the times!

The world's first on-ear planar magnetic headphones are a pure delight. And how!

It may sound like we're overstating things, but Audeze, an authority when it comes to planar magnetic headphones, has just pulled a coup.

What’s "planar magnetic", you ask? Simply put, unlike traditional dynamic drivers employed in most headphones, planar magnetic headphones use a diaphragm that has a printed circuit spread across the surface of a very thin, film-like layer. This helps create a dynamic that offers better, more detailed output with minimum distortion and relatively high durability. It's one of the best possible technologies for unrivalled audio output as far as headphones are concerned.


So, it’s some sort of elitist circle of sorts?

Yes, in a manner of speaking, but only so due to the sheer quality provided by planar magnetic technology when compared with traditional dynamic drivers. Very few brands manufacture planar magnetic headphones and Audeze has been ruling this particular roost for quite a while. It isn’t easy to build these headphones, but we trust Audeze to mix reverence, transcendence and panache on a regular basis.

So what’s the big deal about this one?

Well, planar magnetic headphones are usually bulky and of the ‘over-ear’ variety. So, when Audeze, with its usual termity, put out the world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphones, audiophiles rightfully lost their plots.

The headphone itself has been built using some stellar tech, one of which is a unique 24-bit Lightning cable, called CIPHER, that features an in-line integrated digital-to-analog converter and amplifier with a Digital Signal Processor. To put it simply, this cable goes into your iPhone's Lightning port and processes music before it's played on the headphones for audio output that's unbelievable from a pair of on-ears. Yes, there’s an AUX option too, but sans the DAC/AMP circuitry (Apple boys win this one).

It looks killer, too, which is mainly because Designworks, a BMW group subsidiary, worked with Audeze for the industrial design.

Head over to HeadphoneZone if you've got 39,990 to spare. For the price that Audeze products are usually found, this is definitely the steal of the century.