Sick of pollution and want an air purifier for your home? Check out Blueair’s Sense+

IoT-capable Sense+ purifier and Aware air monitor feature smartphone remote control

What’s better than clean air at your home? You can keep your hand down now as we already have the answer - a ‘smart’ air purifier that’s a bonafide member of the Internet of Things.

Air pollution’s quite a serious issue and while we can’t do much about the outdoor air, we can at least make sure we breathe fresh air at home. No, you don’t have to sell your apartment and move to a beach shack or somewhere in the Himalayas - just get an air purifier to deal with all the smoke, exhaust fumes, and dust that passes for air in our cities.

But we’re tech nuts and a ‘dumb’ air purifier just isn’t good enough for us. Luckily, Blueair has a new air monitoring and purification system which you can control with your iPhone or Android - the Sense+ air purfier and the Aware air monitor. The Sense+ air purifier can filter the air in a room approximately five times every hour, but you don’t need to leave it on all the time - hook up the Aware, and together, the two will ‘intelligently’ monitor the air quality and turn on air purification when needed. The Sense+ also offers a gesture control via motion sensors, and features HEPA filters which should theoretically remove even the minutest dust and smoke particles.

The Sense+ and Aware can be controlled via Blueair’s Friend app (available on iOS and Android) - turn the air purifier on even before you arrive home, check how clean the air inside your home is, and even compare how your hometown fares in comparison to other cities across the world.