Sevenfriday drops the V Series upon us…

...and we drop our jaws

We had a chance to witness the unveiling of the latest watch from the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Sevenfriday.

After wooing us with the P and the M series, Founder Daniel Niederer hand us the V series. A few minutes and dropped jaws later, we let the exquisiteness sink in. The V series comprises of two watches V1/01 and V2/01, and derives inspiration from the industrial essence, evolution and engines.

As you glance at the watch, you notice the idea reflecting in the design of the ‘Hours’ indication as an industrial gauge.

If at all you had any complaints that all Sevenfriday watches looked similar or if you ached for one with a circular body, your prayers stand answered. The V series is the first in the line-up that features a circular dial and it looks gorgeous. The dial is made from a specially hardened and anti-reflective-treated domed mineral glass. The body is still constructed out of stainless steel and the sunray-brushed top bezel is good enough to be licked more than once.

The V Series sports a special Day & Night display (white and dark blue) and white small second indication. The 4-levels dial construction and the  galvanic hollowed out plates are pure sorcery to the eyes and are offered with alternate finishing - Deep stamped silver, Vertical brushed rhodium / Vertical brushed silver white / Opalin silver white.

One of the things Daniel mentioned was the problem of fake Sevenfriday watches floating around in the market. The V series, however, has a neat trick up its sleeves that helps you check if the watch is genuine. On the backplate of the watch, an NFC chip is embedded.

This chip enables the user to authenticate the watch with the Sevenfriday mobile application. You simply need to scan the watch with a mobile phone and the app will instantly flash a positive or negative result. Keep watching this space for a deep dive into how Sevenfriday makes its watches and its future plans, as revealed by Daniel himself.


SevenFriday V1/01 – INR 1,06,500

SevenFriday V2/01 – INR 1,06,500