Sensory overload and a 7 star movie-going experience at INOX Insignia

The magic of cinema entertainment made more special

A true treat for our eyes and tastebuds. 

We find ourselves at an exclusive viewing of Naam Shabana at INOX, Nariman Point. If that wasn't special enough already, our tastebuds would experience chef Vicky Ratnani’s new gourmet menu in the most luxurious spot in town, INOX Insignia. Yes, life does not get much better than this!



Food for thought?

Spearheading the latest and greatest in luxury entertainment, INOX Leisure  has come up with a whole array of services which make your movie-going experience all the more special. INOX Insignia, at Nariman Point, Mumbai, unveiled their gourmet menu, specially made out of local ingredients by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani. The introduction of Self-ordering Food Kiosks and Butler on call add to the 7-star experience. Also, the first ever in-app food ordering service gives you access to your food without ever leaving your seat. We cannot recommend the flavoured makhanas enough!

Game of recliners!

Ruling over the Seven Kingdoms from the Iron Throne would not make you feel as special as the fully adjustable recliners do at INOX Insignia. From the premium-quilted leather seats to the micro-adjustable neck rests, everything is purpose-built to comfort you in ways Joffrey could not imagine in his wildest (and we’re sure disturbing) dreams. The recliners feel inviting and the controls encourage you to find the most comfortable position for you to enjoy the movies. You are not left wanting more in the seating comfort department, let’s just leave it at that.

Immersion immaculate

For our film connoisseurs out there, INOX’s signature experience has you covered. Packed with state-of-the-art tech, INOX Insignia boasts of India’s first and only laser projection technology, which promises 300% improved picture quality over the more traditional projectors. And let us tell you, the results are definitely noticeable. Dolby Atmos Sound delivers Earth-shattering sound effects with surround-sound not only along the sides but also from the ceiling.

Enticing all your senses Since 2017

Never before has a movie-going experience engaged all your senses. The sharpness and depth of the laser projector, the hair-raising performance of the Dolby Atmos Sound, the feel and comfort of the recliners and of course, the exquisite tastes and aromas of Chef Vicky’s culinary delights. INOX’s Signature experience truly has all five senses covered.