Sennheiser’s HD 630VB promises great looks and audiophile-pleasing sound

Winner of the iF Label for Product Design is now ready to rock your world

We like our gadgets to look less anonymous. Steel, metal, that’s the ticket. Something that evokes heavy machinery. After all, when you’re rocking out to Judas Priest, the gear better match!

Sennheiser had shown off the HD 630VB last year and have finally brought it over to India. So why are we making a fuss? For starters, the design. The HD 630VB’s been honoured with the iF Label for Product Design. And looking at it, it’s no surprise - aluminium construction helps it stay light, makes it more durable to the rigours of life, and best of all, bestows upon it a certain ‘watch out, old-school serious-music listener here’ vibe. In essence, it’s not a demure, anonymous shrinking violet piece of kit. No, it makes its presence clear - and in a good way.


Practically in love

But Sennheiser insist their new baby’s more than about style. With a 10-42,000Hz response and support for high-res audio, it should deliver.

And unlike a lot of audiophile gear, it’s practical too, with features the average joe should love: variable bass adjustment (via a chunky dial, in-built mic, Android / iOS compatibility (you can switch between the two via a selector), volume and track change buttons, and yes, the ability to fold up for easy stowage in the included carrying case.

The HD 630VBs can be yours for ₹39,990. For more info, head over to