Sennheiser out with headphones for everyday use

Sennheiser unveils the HD 4 and HD 2 series for India

What a surprise. The Germans are out with yet another range of expensive hi-fi for the audiophile.

That’s partly true, the Germans are amazing at high-end audiophile paraphernalia and kudos to them for introducing the world to previously unheard levels of sound clarity. But it’s different this time. Sennheiser has just introduced two new ranges of practical and affordable headphones for everyday use.

Two new ranges you say! Oh joy.

Damn right! We live in exciting times. The closed-back, over-ear design of the HD 4 series blocks out the world without being bulky. After-all you definitely do not want a bulky pair of headphones. The HD 2 series on the other hand has an on-ear design with sleek lines and emphasis on tight and powerful bass. Starting from 3,990, the Sennheiser HD 4 and HD2 series would be a great deal if it can deliver on its promises. And with Sennheiser’s track record, it’s an extremely good bet.