Segun Life Forehead Thermometer keeps safe distance while measuring body temperature

Bright light, low light – records and flashes temperature on its clear LED display

Among the many things that are changing around us, the way we used to check body temperature is seeing a complete overhaul.

Bye bye placing mercury thermometers under the tongue and under kids’ armpits for checking for fever, IR is the way forward in the contactless society we’re all now part of. And with our PM going on and on about homegrown  brands, Segun Life is the perfect fit as far as wearables and healthcare devices go.

The no-touch sensors of this IR Forehead Thermometer reduce the risk of infection by measuring body temperature from a distance of 1-3cm and stores 99 readings accurately. Single press button for power and auto shutdown works towards increasing its life. The Segun Life Forehead Thermometer is available on Amazon along with some nice cashback offers on certain modes of payment.