This seemingly ordinary table charges your smartphone without a cable in sight

Technophobic heathens, look away now

An S6 Edge and a couch. Which one is supposed to impress me?

Well, it is a nice couch, but the answer is neither. It’s the table we’re lusting after.

It’s got a built in Qi wireless charging pad circle, which means that placing your phone or compatible smartwatch (like the Moto 360) on its surface will immediately top up the juice. No messing around with cables whatsoever. Convenient eh?

I guess. But where’s the power coming from?

The table is made from Mao Zhu Bamboo. It’s easy on the eyes and very tough, and it’s also infused with radioactive atoms, which supply your phone with power as they gradually decay.

Okay, we made that last part up. The table itself has its own cable, which you’ll need to plug into a socket, but once that’s done, you’ll never need to worry about it again. You can also plug it into any portable USB charger, which'll come in handy if you want to temporarily rearrange the furniture.

Second mortgage job?

Not at all. You can currently snap up the slightly awkwardly-named FurniQi table on indiegogo, from US$120 (about ₹7800), with delivery expected in time for Christmas.