Secureye’s new security system takes security to the next level with facial recognition

Built for commercial spaces, it’s easy to set up and hygienic as well

Fingerprint recognition will soon become a thing of the past because in the current scenario, they help with the transfer of germs and disease. So it makes perfect sense for offices to upgrade to something less touchy – and this is where facial recognition comes in.

Makers of security equipment, Secureye has come up with a new security system for commercial spaces that offers the usual fingerprint scanner but focuses on facial recognition instead. Priced at Rs 15,500 (plus taxes), the Secureye S-FB4K offers facial recognition using dual HD cameras to scan faces instantly and accurately in any sort of lighting thanks to two infrared lamps that are built into the panel. The system also features 16 keys for data entry, the usual fingerprint scanner and an ID card reader.

All of this allows organisations to perform facial identity verification for 1,500 faces and finger punch identification for up to 5,000 fingerprints (extendable up to 50,000). The device can manage 3,00,000 user records. And the identification process takes about 1 second per verification. Easy peasy!