Secureye launches MediSec range to help offices be Covid-19-safe

From thermal cameras to PPE kits

While there’s Lockdown 5.0 for some, others are enjoying Unlock 1.0. The outbreak of COVID-19 has redefined everything from professional to personal and public lives. Hygiene and sanitation has now become a non-negotiable aspect, especially at workplaces. While many may be planning to open offices, shops, and other business areas, precaution must be taken and social distancing must be obeyed. To restart your business premises, and help employees and customers safe, Secureye has announced the MediSec range that includes everything from thermal cameras to PPE kits. The MediSec range provides COVID-19 protection devices and solutions to enable corporate houses and other businesses with the contactless screening of employees, including disposable PPE Kits, contactless thermal scanner, multi-functional UV sterilizer box, K N95 masks, gloves, goggles, infrared thermometer, and a few more. For more information, check out the Secureye website.