Secureye has an IR thermometer to help control spread of COVID-19

Contactless measurement from 3cm distance

When the lockdown ends, businesses will start at full pace, and bringing business back to normalcy needs to be done with high caution. In order to keep people in your business premises safe, you need to scan people for COVID-19 symptoms before you let them in. Secureye has announced a new IR thermometer in its MediaSec product range for ₹3999. This thermometer can scan from a distance of (up to) 5cm without contact, and has a temperature reading accuracy of +0.2°C in the range of 35°C -42°C. It can measure the temperature within 1 second, uses just 2 AAA batteries and weighs just 100g. Secureye’s MediaSec range also has a lot more to help you fight the COVID-19 spread that includes masks, PPE kits, gloves, UV sterilizer boxes, thermal cameras and more.