Secure your home or business with EZVIZ colour night vision camera

Waterproof body makes it applicable for outdoor use too

Be it your home, garage, office or society, CCTV surveillance is a must. And with almost all new-age CCTV systems, you can keep a personal watch or access previously recorded feeds directly over the internet. Thanks to cloud services that now come bundled with wireless surveillance cameras. And the latest into the CCTV segment are new sensors that can now record night vision in colour. EZVIZ, by HikVision, has a new model into the CCTV camera segment in India and with the C3W Colour Night Vision full HD Wi-Fi Camera, the brand is here to help you with your surveillance needs. The camera is wall mounted and can be paired to your home Wi-Fi or LAN network for recording videos to the cloud. Apart from that, you can also plug in up to 256GB microSD cards to store the footage when there is no internet connectivity available or if the net is down. With active defense systems such as alarms, flashlights and 2-way communication, the camera can also be controlled via voice using Amazon or Google assistants. Lastly, being weatherproof, these cameras can also be installed outdoors with ease. The camera is available for ₹4,900 each and bundled with a 16GB microSD storage card.