Say hello to the smartest coffee cup in the room

It's a drink receptacle, a payment method and a loyalty card all rolled into one

In a world full of smart toothbrushes, watches and door locks, it was only a matter of time before the humble beverage holder was gutted and kitted out with hi-tech innards.

The Frank Green SmartCup might look like your regular trendy coffee cup, but its lid houses an NFC chip, letting you pay for your liquid caffeine fix in an instant.

An accompanying CafePay app allows you to top up your credit, in addition to collecting points which you can cash into rewards for yourself or, if you’re feeling generous, gift to other people.

You can also use the app to order your coffee ahead of time to avoid the queues, find the nearest coffee shops, and receive discounts and offers.

You might be wondering why there’s a need for the cup, when an NFC-enabled smartphone and the app alone could accomplish all of the above… and you’d be right.

The cup itself is rather attractive however, kitted out in a grippy finish with a host of colourful lids to choose from, and it’s dishwasher safe to boot. It’s also a lot more environmentally friendly by reducing the use of disposable cups.

The lid has a drinking hole “designed for optimum liquid flow” and promises to be completely leak proof - though we still wouldn’t throw it around, just in case.

Naturally, it also has a double-walled thermoplastic construction to help keep your coffee piping hot.

The SmartCup can be snapped up from Kickstarter, and is set to launch worldwide this month.