The satisfying shake of the picture returns with Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 90 and Mini 8

This is what Instagram would be without the internet

If you are jonesing for the good old days with analog gadgets and mechanical clicks, look no further. Fujifilm tries to bring back a slice of nostalgia with its Instax range of cameras.

Small and portable, the Mini 90 and Mini 8 have something other point-and-shoots don’t. That little something is instant film. Just hit the shutter, and out pops the film, just like old school Polaroids. It may not offer the best picture quality, but it’s one of the most fun and best- selling cameras out there. We here at the Stuff office could not keep a straight face while using it.


This eye-catching contraption, dubbed the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, is one handsome piece of kit. The retro design is quintessential Fujifilm, harking back to its X series of cameras. Although the print size is small, the Instax Mini 90 performs well in well-lit conditions with reasonable color reproduction. It also has a few options to fiddle with, but we suspect most of us will be using it on its default settings as the expensive films won't allow much experimentation. At a price of ₹11,750, it is absolutely worth it for someone craving a bit of nostalgia.


Just by looking at the Instax Mini 8 you can recognise who the target audience of this product is. Which is pretty smart on Fujifilm’s part. Considering teenage girls are responsible for 70% of all the pictures clicked in a day. And yes, that's a totally made up statistic. There are several colours on offer, from sober black to the candy-like raspberry. It’s slightly heavier than the Mini 90 and does not have as many features but it's much cheaper at ₹4675. We deduce the Mini 8 would sell much better as it has most of the functionality of the Mini 90 at a more reasonable price. The Instax Mini 90 and Mini 8 are both available on Amazon India.