Samsung's new TV is a wall-mounted Magritte of a screen

Guaranteed to fool burglars. Unless they’re art thieves

I don’t see a TV in that picture - just a bunch of paintings?

Success! Victory! A win for the Samsung design team!

Look a little closer. You probably still can’t tell which one’s the telly. Here’s a clue: it’s the big one at the centre of that press shot. But it doesn’t look like a TV, huh? At least, not like the silver-framed generic sets we’ve come to expect from the high-end manufacturers of 2017.

So it’s a screen in a fancy frame? Such innovation.

I bet you’re fun at art galleries. In any case, no, it’s more than that: see, stick Samsung’s Frame TV (yes, it’s called that) into ‘Art Mode’ and, rather than seeing a plain old black screen when it’s off, you’ll get a wonderful work of art. Which beats plastering a poster over your QLED.

Oh, nice - I’ll be able to pick that beautiful landscape from the Windows XP desktop, then?

Pretty as that was, you’re sadly limited to Samsung’s picks for your wall. Still, there are more than 100 works of art to choose from - including arresting architecture, lovely landscapes and, erm, drawings - so you’ll feel like a sofa curator in no time. In fact, it might be time to get the rest of the walls in sync with the screen.

Samsung reckons it’ll even ship replacement bezels for the Frame TV, as well as a Studio Stand - which we can only hope is styled as an easel.

Won’t the trailing wires ruin the whole ‘it’s a picture’ thing?

That’s where Samsung’s nifty ‘near-invisible’ connection tech comes in, with just a single optical cable connecting to the One Connect box - which should be easy to hide. And, if anyone does notice, you can say it’s an alarm system to protect your masterpiece. It’ll sit almost flush to the wall, too, thanks to Samsung’s ‘no-gap’ wall mount.

What about the specs, though? Will its screen actually fool my friends?

Well, like all the best artwork, it’s open to speculation. Despite teasing the Frame TV, Samsung hasn’t actually served up any hard screen specs. We imagine it’ll carry a 4K HDR (probably QLED) screen - at least, if there’s any hope of imitating canvas - though at what size remains to be seen. Watch this (art) space.