Samsung's amazing S9+, your vinyl revival guide, and more in April’s Stuff India - out now!

Spoiler alert: everything inside is pretty awesome

The heatwave may have begun, but this month's Stuff India will ensure you keep your cool with the weather and stay indoors - reading our mag, of course!

In fact, it's an extravaganza of amazing new gadgetry with Samsung's Galaxy S9+, Mercedes S Class and Ducati Supersport S racing across our hallowed pages. As if that wasn't enough excitement to be getting on with, we've created the ultimate guide to the vinyl revival, with four brilliant setups that'll do your 45s justice no matter what your budget, multi-room listening needs and dedication to the hi-fi cause.

And if you've not yet bagged yourself an addiction to overpriced black acetate? Well, there's plenty more to read about besides our vinyl guide. Including an instant upgrade on Apple iPhone X, hot coverage of Mobile World Congress (MWC) and a comprehensive catalogue of the best smart-home tech for kitting out your humble abode.

Samsung’s QLED is screen therapy at its best. This delightfully ambient and seamless television set takes boring out of TV. Find a breakdown of all its features in our Hot Four pages inside.

We are on the brink of an autonomous revolution, as far as the automobile industry is concerned. A full lowdown of the SXSW convergence on the present and future of autonomous driving will be found only in this mag!

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