Samsung wants to bring VR to the masses with the Gear 360 camera

Finally, your nan can experience your cheeky #LadsinIbiza tour like never before

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge aren’t the only devices Samsung unveiled here at MWC in Barcelona. The Korean tech giant also lifted the curtains off a 360-degree VR camera, called, you guess it, the Gear 360.

Resembling a cross between a webcam and a Portal sentry, the Gear 360 is a cute little round ball with two protruding fisheye lenses, similar to LG’s recently announced 360 Cam.

Each 15MP lens on the Gear 360 can combine their images to form a full 360-degree 30MP photo, as well as, of course, recording immersive 360 videos.

Said videos can then be shared to Facebook, Google Street View, and Twitter, and Samsung naturally wants you, your friends and your milkman, to enjoy them all on its Gear VR headset.

The Gear 360 has a removable battery and microSD slot for flexibility on the go, as well as a standard tripod mount so you can bling it up with accessories to nail your perfect shots.

Check out our Samsung Gear 360 hands-on review for our first impressions, as we look forward to testing it out in the wild to see how it compares to LG’s alternative.