Samsung unveils plush fashion images of its new Gear S2 smartwatch

Here's Lookbook-ing at you, kid

Thought you’d heard enough of new Samsung product releases? The South Korean manufacturer disagrees.

Having teased with images of its new round Gear S2 smartwatch at the end of its presentation of the new Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+, Samsung has now gone one better and released an official fashion Lookbook replete with images of all of the new products, including the S2.

A lookbook is essentially a plush digital photo-magazine, complete with requisite pouting models clutching the manufacturer’s latest tech, set off against bright keywords - and someone seems to have left Caps Lock on.

More interesting for tech fans than the intriguing outfit choices and poses are the couple of images featuring the round Gear S2.

Sadly, we’re no closer to getting any firm specs, though, as we covered yesterday, rumours do report a Tizen-based 320x320, 1.2GHz powered sensor-packed smart ticker, and one image shows at least two buttons on the watch's outer bezel.

What we have instead is full confirmation that Samsung seems to be aiming for all things premium with its latest release, in a literal exposition of style-over-substance, the Gear S2 gleaming in its full-round, silver glory.

All this adds up to suggest that the Apple and Huawei Watches (and their smart brethren) might have a real fight on their hands in the luxury-and-smart wristwear arena.

According to the minimal text in the Lookbook, Samsung are taking a "brave step forward by reimagining the classic circular watch" and "revamping the rules of fashion and tech" - brave indeed. 

More details will potentially be revealed at IFA in Berlin from September 4, so stay tuned.

[via Trusted Reviews]