Samsung unveils new micro-LED, Neo QLED TVs and more as part of 2021 line-up

Micro-LED TVs finally get smaller… by Samsung’s standards

While Samsung’s first micro-LED made quite a splash at CES 2018, it wasn’t exactly meant for the average consumer with a 146 inch panel. A few years later, the technology has finally matured, and Samsung has finally announced a micro-LED TV in a more digestible format.

At its Unbox & Discover event, Samsung announced not just micro-LED TVs but a new line up of Neo QLED TVs as well. These are expected to go on sale globally by the end of March.

As part of the micro-LED line-up, Samsung has introduced a 110” and a 99” TVs that will soon be followed by a (dare we say) smaller 88” model. And since all of them are still quite big, they feature Samsung’s 4Vue (quad-view) that basically splits a display into 4 screens letting users view 4 different independent streams of content at the same time.

Samsung’s Neo-QLED line-up gets divided into two series. There’s the 8K models consisting of the QN800A and QN900A and the 4K models -- QN90A and QN85A. Available in 85”, 75” and 65” the 8K models are priced between $5000 to $9000. The 4K models start from a smaller 50” and are priced between $1600 to $5000. With Samsung being the official TV partner for the Xbox Series X in certain markets, it worked with AMD to create the first TVs with Freesync Premium Pro support. This means that they can run at 120 fps with a claimed response time of just 5.8 ms.

The Frame has also received a few updates with the ability to use a Slim Fit Wall Mount along with 5 frame options that will make it look more like a painting. Also upgraded with the Frame series is the storage. There’s now 6 GB of internal storage that Samsung claims will let you store up to 1200 photos in UHD quality.

Also introduced, is the new Terrace series that are basically weather-resistant TVs made for outdoor settings with an IP55 rating.