Samsung teases its round Gear S2 smartwatch

It looks pretty, but details remain scarce

The South Korean tech giant has (very) briefly teased its new smartwatch, the Gear S2.

Observant gadgeteers will notice that yes, it is round, which is a first for the company, putting it in the same design league as the Moto 360, G Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch and more.

It's silver, and, well, that's pretty much everything we know about it. Like we said, it was only briefly flashed on the big screen.

It also looks like it's running Samsung's own Tizen-based OS as opposed to Android Wear, and previous rumours have hinted at a 320x320 screen, a 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, and a host of sensors for activity tracking.

A rumoured 250mAh battery sounds a little small to us, but we'll just have to wait and see how it fares in the real world.

We could very well see more on the Gear S2 at IFA in September, where we'll be covering all the latest news from the front lines, so stay tuned.