Samsung revs up the memory business

Launching its brand new 950 PRO series of SSD Drives, Samsung aims to be the undisputed leader in the flash memory segment

If your PC is slowing down your business, look straight under the hood and change that infected HDD.

At least, that’s what Samsung’s claim is with the 950 PRO series of SSD storage, industry’s first consumer-ready ‘Non-Volatile Memory Express’ with ‘V-NAND’ technology. Sure, that’s a lot of acronyms for a home-baked cupcake business but this is aimed at larger enterprises and data centres that require high levels of throughput speeds. In this case, read/write speeds of up to 2500Mbps/1500Mbps are possible. That’s fast enough to have real time TV graphics overlay and send rockets to the moon. But more importantly, it can also copy your movies and music in a blink, if you do choose to pimp out that ageing PC. The 950 PRO series will be available in 256GB and 512GB capacities. Both support the NVMe protocol, unlike the SATA drives that utilise the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) protocol. The claimed advantage over normal SATA SSDs is a whopping four times, and in demos that we saw, Samsung isn’t lying for sure. 

SSDs are also known to be more rugged than HDDs, and this one can take vibrations up to 20G, and work in temperatures ranging from freezing to face melting (0-70°C). Sure, you won’t be exposed to such conditions ever, but it’s nice to know it’ll work on Mars, should you decide to move in a hurry. With a 5-year warranty and a price tag of approximately 15,000 when it launches in India this October, it will definitely satiate the most serious PC users.