Samsung makes it easy to shop for appliances and electronics without stepping out

Will deliver the goods as soon as the lockdown lifts

Not everyone’s lucky enough to warm up food with a microwave amidst the COVID-19 lockdown as some of us are also stuck with broken appliances and nobody to fix them.

So Samsung is trying to make our lives easier by letting its customers shop online, and it has come up with pre-booking offers to keep you interested as well.

Samsung’s wide range of appliances and electronics are available for pre-booking online, which it claims is an easier way to book appliances instead of stepping into their retail outlets in person. The brand claims that it has worked things out with its distribution channel and will Express Deliver pre-ordered goods as soon as the restrictions are lifted by the authorities, depending on where you reside in the country.

Customers who pre-book offers before May 8 get up to 15% cashback and can also avail no-cost EMIs with long term finance options going all the way up to 18 months. Customers who do not shop on EMI also get the 15% cashback option.

And there’s plenty to pick from between 8K QLED TVs to refrigerators to ovens and everything in between.