Samsung launches its first ever curved gaming monitor in India

Bend those pixels around your peepers

Samsung has created the first curved monitor with a response time of 1ms that allows its users a gaming experience that’s without motion blur. 

Quantum Dot Technology enhances the viewing experience as well so whether it’s gaming, browsing or work, images are crisp even when in bright light. The monitor comes with pre-set display game modes which optimise your gaming experience whether it be first person shooter or real time strategy. Its strong dual-hinge arm offers users a comfortable gaming experience with just a few adjustments.

The added luminance gives the monitor a 3000:1 contrast ratio and reveals previously-hidden campers sitting with sniper rifles with accurate color precision in both light and dark settings.

The two models - LC24FG70 (24in) and LC27FG70 (27in) will be available for 35,000 & 42,000 respectively.