Samsung Galaxy S7 Active on the way, claims Samsung app

Looks like a premature mention just outed the rugged S7 variant

Samsung's core Galaxy phones are sleek and shiny, but some users prefer a device that keeps the flagship specs while delivering a more rugged, outdoors-ready form. That's where the Active line comes in.

It's not a huge surprise that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S7 Active, but prior to today, there hadn't been any official mention of the phone - last year's Galaxy S6 Active (shown) appeared a couple months after the core models.

And this time around, Samsung let the cat out of the bag. As spotted by SamMobile, a Play Store listing for the Samsung Level app spotted the listing of the Galaxy S7 Active as a compatible device. That's really all the listing says about the phone, but given Samsung's usual release routine with the line, it's unlikely that this was just a mistake: we should see an S7 Active announced soon.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything more at this time, and the Galaxy S7's refined design over the S6 actually creates some questions here. Now that the Galaxy S7 has waterproofing built right into the main phone, what kind of perks will we see on the Active version?

If history holds firm here, it ought to have a chunkier build that's more resistant to wear and tear, not to mention proper physical front buttons and a heartier battery pack. It might not look as appealing at a glance as the standard S7, but it ought to be better suited to the rigors of heavy outdoors usage.

There's no word yet on an expected release, but last year's Galaxy S6 Active was announced in early June after a couple months of leaks - so hold tight for a couple more months if you're eyeing a stronger flagship.

[Source: SamMobile]