Is this the Samsung Galaxy S6?

One of the next big superphones could be entombed within one of these leaked cases…

What's that? You thought the Galaxy S6 leaks were going to magically stop until its official launch on 1 March? You should know better by now.

On today's Galaxy S6 menu, we've got a clear look at Samsung's upcoming flagship. Assuming the photos are genuine of course.

The shots come courtesy of Cnet Korea, and show off what appears to be both the regular Galaxy S6 and curved screen-toting Galaxy S Edge - in (mostly) all of their glory.

The position of the rear flash and heart-rate sensor match up with previous leaks of the device, sitting to the right of the camera, and the sides appear to be made from metal, although it's impossible to make a definitive judgement from photos.

The rear of the S6 is a little trickier to make out from the shots. All the evidence so far suggests that Samsung is finally going for premium materials to compete with HTC and Apple, and glass and metal are two choices that have cropped up time and time again.

It's hard to determine from the leaked photos what material the rear of the S6 is made from. It could be either glass or metal, (or even plastic), as far as we can tell.

A unibody shell doesn't appear to be the case in these photos, suggesting that the rear panel of the S6 is removable, which probably rules out glass. 

Metal or plastic would be far easier to remove, thanks to their natural flex, and a metal removable rear cover would offer the best of both worlds - a premium feel, while keeping the coveted removable battery and microSD slot.

That's the latest titbit of Galaxy S6 news to hit our desks, but stay tuned for more inevitable leaks, as and when we get them.

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