Salman Khan aka ‘Bhai’ is about to launch a smartphone brand called Being Smart

Bhai OS, bhai battery life, bhai megapixels and bhai maps

Holy moly! Did I read that right?

You sure did. Rumours are that Salman Khan is about to launch a new smartphone brand under the name Being Smart. Though there is no official statement from Bhai himself, reports suggest that Salman has registered a new brand under the said name.

I don’t believe in rumours but I am super excited if this is true.

Likewise. Bhai is seemingly looking for investors and has also locked down on smartphone industry veterans from the likes of Samsung and Micromax. The actor has also chosen a Chinese manufacturing plant to dish out smartphones under the Being Smart banner. Though we like to believe otherwise, given how our beloved bhai is all for Make in India.

How many BUCKS will it cost?

Definitely not a black one. But reports suggest that Being Smart will join the likes of Oppo and Xiaomi in offering sub-20,000 smartphones and will be sold through online retail sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

What about Bhai OS? I bet there is a bhai OS!

Wishfully there should be one. Here is the list of what we want from Being Smart smartphones.

1) It should have the best megapixels to hunt down the best shots while shooting.

2) Live stream Big Boss directly on your homescreen.

3) The lock button can have an emergency tap option for immediate driver assistances.

4) Maps should be updated to show any sidewalk snoozers-losers, nearby gyms and wine shops.

5) Matrimonial websites will be blocked automatically.

6) Tap to pay for fines, dines and other questionable activities.

Not a word against Bhai. Tell me what rumours are about the release.

Buzz is that the brand might launch sometime this year but there are no clear dates or details on it. At this point the Stuff India office is too excited with the speculation of features and hope that rumours turn to reality.