Rolls-Royce's Vision Next 100 is the unicorn of self-driving cars

It even has its own 'Siri' albeit a possibly snootier version

What is that thing? Something rich people use in Tron?

No, it's actually Rolls-Royce's latest concept car, the embodiment of its Vision Next 100, though the car's official name is the 103EX.  You may address it as 'she'.

Are we finally getting a flying car?

Sadly, no. It's apparently fully autonomous and zero-emission. Basically the super-clean, smart luxury car of the future.

Then why should I care?

Its wheels are super-cool, for one. F1-style, they're attached to the hull and make it look as though they're hovering over the ground. Think an uber-luxurious, super-futuristic Rolls-Royce. The Rolls-Royce of the future, you might say.





What do you mean self-autonomous? It drives itself?

Yes, with the help of an AI called Eleanor who Rolls-Royce calls your "ethereal concierge". In other words, she's a very swanky version of Siri.

How big is this thing?

Think 5.9m long and 1.9m tall. It also manages to fit in a sofa as well as silk carpeting and upholstery. You won't find a steering wheel or an instrument panel, however. Rolls-Royce considers those things superfluous in this model.


Sounds pretty swank.

It is. It even has a luggage compartment that's designed to make it easy for the help to take luggage out.

If I somehow fall into a lot of money, how much would it cost?

If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it. Anyhow, this is a concept car so it's unlikely it'll ever roll off the assembly line anytime soon.

[Source: Rolls-Royce via TheVerge]