Roku takes on Google Chromecast with Streaming Stick

Plug-in HDMI stick turns your telly into a Smart TV

Over in America-land, Roku is so popular – two-and-a-half times the daily usage of Apple TV, it claims – that its TV streamy gubbins are getting hardwired into new TVs.

To date, we've been burdened with external Roku boxes – but now we can now get a little closer to this dreamy integrated streamage with the Roku Streaming Stick, coming to the UK in late April. Like Google Chromecast – also not yet available Britside – it plugs into an HDMI and connects via Wi-Fi to provide such goodies as Netflix, YouTube and Now TV.

Hidden away out of sight, it’ll be as if the TV itself is Roku-enabled. You can use your smartphone to channel hop using the Roku app – and as a video source, streaming whatever you have on there to your TV via the Stick. If you don't fancy fiddling with your phone, there's a physical Roku remote included, too.