A robot will be second in the world to get the iPhone 6s

Even cold mechanical hearts can’t resist the new iPhone

Every year, you expect the same stories about people camping overnight to be among the lucky first few to bag the latest iPhone. But this... this is new. A robot is currently waiting in line outside the flagship Apple store in Sydney, Australia.

Due to its timezone, Australia will be the first country to start selling the new iPhone models tomorrow, making the robot the second customer (and first robot) to buy the iPhone 6s (or 6s Plus). You know what that means: yes, the sad realisation that a robot beat you to getting the new iPhone. You should have seen it coming - they’ve already started taking our jobs.

Before you start packing your canned goods and bottled water for the panic room, relax. It’s just a telepresence robot. You know those things that have iPads for heads and Segway-type wheels for legs? Yes, those. Lucy Kelly - the person behind the robot - got it from her company and works it remotely, using an app to communicate with her fellow campers. So far no one has been unhappy about the robot’s presence. So far.

The robot will take shelter overnight in a special tent, with Kelly voicing it the whole time. She also plans to let the robot complete the purchase. But we just have one question: without hands, how is it going to take the prize home to mama and beat off potential robbers?

An iPad buying an iPhone. We wonder what Siri has to say about this. Hey, Siri...?

[Source: Mashable]