Recycle your e-waste in three easy steps

Donate your idle/broken gadgets via

It's rather heart-warming, the number of people who regularly ask us how to get rid of e-waste responsibly.

It's even more heart-warming when we get a concrete answer to this in our mailbox, especially in the wake of exciting new launches from Samsung, Apple and Google.


But first, for those of you who aren't woke as yet, some statistics: Studies have revealed that 60% devices land up in dustbins and landfills and less than 40% get recycled. The e-waste pollutes environment with toxic elements that seep into the soil and water, creating life hazards. So be a bae and pay some heed on how to get rid of your old devices.

The noble folk at believe that something that is ‘old’ to you can be ‘new’ to someone else, and it's true. There's always someone less fortunate who'll have the need for your unused charging cable or outdated tablet.



Three easy steps to being a responsible gadgeteer

1) Look around your office or home for electronics like mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers or any related accessories that are lying unused or broken. (If any of these do not belong to you, make sure you ask the owner before sending them off.)

2) Collect them all and then raise a request on They'll come pick those devices from you at no charge and make sure the discarded devices are managed responsibly. Once the gadget arrives at their hub, it will be repaired and given free of cost to people who need it the most.

3) As a token of appreciation, you'll get a discount voucher on future repair services from Use it.