Realme users - Here's how to disable ads on the ColorOS6

Cause why should we get them, anyways?

If you're a realme user, you would know that certain actions on the ColorOS6 will prompt ads to appear. While they're easy to dismiss, it does get tedious when you consider that you've purchased this device, only for it to give you ads.

Maybe you've been trying to find ways to disable those ads but can't find it anywhere, but that's because realme calls it something else. According to realme, these ads are "commercial content recommendation" which appear on realme phones with ColorOS6. They will appear on the Phone Manager app and the Security Check page after installing new apps.

realme promises that they will "ensure protection of your privacy and compliance with relevant laws and regulations", and that these are necessary for the company to maintain a healthy and sustainable business model.

Thankfully they have also given you the option to disable this "content recommendation" with a single-click in settings. All you have to do is go to Settings > Additional Settings > Content Recommendation and disable the Get Recommendations options.

Regardless, it's a good thing that realme gave users the option to disable ads, as I'm sure many users aren't keen on receiving ads on a device they had paid for. Hopefully this will give realme users a great start for 2020 too.