Qykly helps make sense of your money quickly

Financial planning just got so much easier

Apps that let you plan your finances are useful, but that doesn’t stop them from being a chore to use. In fact, most of us have never used one for the sole reason that they ask us to type a lot of info, which can be heartbreaking, into them.

Qykly, however, is a financial planner/assistant that never asks you for anything. It automagically analyses your SMS inbox to generate data on your financial habits, relying on the fact that most SMS inboxes are a mess of texts about half-forgotten transactions, bills, credit card statements, tickets and offers from Dunkin’ Donuts. Texts that you’re invariably bound to ignore.

Show me the money

How will Qykly help? Imagine never having to look up your bank balances, due payments, wondering why you paid 5 grand last week or forgetting you’ve got a movie date in 20 minutes, all because there’s an app taking care of that for you. Yep, that’s how.

Qykly churns out pretty graphs and summaries of where and how you blew away your hard-earned money, all based off the texts in your SMS inbox. It even tells you what you spend on the most and throws up nice graphs showing the frequencies of your payments and how much money you have left on online wallets such as PayTM or PayU. It’s a cake to understand even if you’re not that great with numbers and graphs.

But… but my privacy?!

Don’t worry. All that sensitive data isn’t shared with anyone - it’s for your eyes only. You can even password-protect the app to add security. The developers claim Qykly doesn't read any of your personal messages, OTPs or bank account numbers (it'd better not).

Qykly is free on the Play Store. There isn’t an iOS version yet, but we’ll keep you posted if it does arrive.