Quick Bytes: Quantum's golden power bank, Portronics' cheap smartband and another Indian smartphone

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Quantum launches gold power bank

Looking for an ostentatious gift to give to someone this Chirstmas? You are in luck.

Quantum has just released a golden power bank because hey, why not? Apple's doing it, Samsung's doing it, why should Quantum be left behind? It packs 10,400mAh of juice and is priced at a pretty reasonable 1,990. Get it for your boss.

Portronics launches cheap, smart wristband

Have you been 'watching' the ongoing onslaught of smartwatches just waiting for the prices to come down? We understand. The cheapest ones cost upwards of 15k and that's no joke.

Portronics is here to help you out. Their new smartband Yogg tracks sleep, activity, notifications and everything that smartwatches are supposed to do. All the information is displayed on a nifty lil OLED display.

Battery life is an amazing 5 days and it's priced at a very comfy 2999. 

Kult ten is another Indian smartphone

Ten(10) is the name of a phone. We are confused too so bear with us.

Kult is the name of the company and Ten is their flagship phone that's priced at a very reasonable 7,999. Specs seme pretty decent too- 3GB RAM, 13MP/5MP camera set, expandable memory and fast charging.

We'll review it soon- it's out now on Snapdeal in case you want to grab it.