Quick Bytes: Moto G Turbo Edition, Ramayana game and the Muvizz app

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Gamaya Legends is a Ramayana based game

Have you ever looked wistfully at your video game library and wondered where all the religious games were at?

Well today is your today. California based developer Gamaya has launched Gamaya Legends which a game based entirely on the Ramayana. The game includes real-life figurines as well as traditional RPG game elements. The connect between real toys and virtual gameplay reminds us of Disney Infinity but that’s exactly where the similarities end.

It’s available now for ₹3499 for a limited time from the official website.

Become a movie connoisseur with Muvizz

Muvizz is the curated list of movies you always wanted. Well, not just yet, but that’s what it’s aspiring to be.

It’s got the support of bigwigs like Anurag Kashyap, Shabana Azmi and the like. Sounds good? They’ve got a free plan, a subscription based plan (₹333) and a Pay Per View plan so give it a go.