Quick Bytes: HIFIMAN's new affordable in-ears, Oppo F1 hits India and the new Jungle Book trailer!

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Hifiman R300 In-Ear phones

Stop ruining your ears with substandard earphones. Now, we get that good headphones are expensive so this is us extending an olive branch.

Packing a 8.5mm driver with 32Ohm impedance and 108dB sensitivity, the R300 in-ears by HiFIman are touted to have exception sound quality. They can be yours for a reasonable ₹3654 and are available in three versions- Android, iPhone and HiFi. 

Oppo F1

The F1 is now available in India for ₹15,990. It’s Oppo’s Selfie powerhouse in case you haven’t heard, courtesy an 8MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture.

Oppo made sure everyone got the point by clicking multiple selfies with the first customer (brand ambassador?) Minisha Lamba at the event in Mumbai. 

New Jungle Book Trailer!

Look what the (big) cat dragged in! The new Jungle Book trailer is out, and it reveals much more than the first one- some semblance of a plot and a great look at Sher Khan as well as King Louie.

The Indian release date is April 22nd and till then we will be humming Bare Necessities.