Quick Bytes: Amazon India launches Exam Central, plus Zebronics unveils cheap tower speakers

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Amazon India's Exam Central

Just in time for all the entrance exams, Amazon India has raised the curtains off 'Exam Central', a one-stop shop for exam related information, preparation books, exam calendar, solved papers and tips for prep. It even has articles by previous years' smug toppers.

Thinking of giving the GMAT, CAT, UPSC or any of those soul sucking engineering exams? You know where to get your stuff from now.

Airtel unveils Wynk Games

Think of Wynk as a Play Store within a Play Store. It's an app by Airtel that hosts thousands of global and local games. Subscription is free with Airtel Data packs and available at a promotional price of ₹29 for other operators. 

Don't scoff at it just because it's from Airtel, they've got over 150 developers including top notch ones like Square Enix and Zeptolab. Give it a whirl.

Zebronics Tower speakers

If you have an urgent, unyielding need to buy tower speakers but your wallet has less than ₹10k, our first recommendation would be to wait. If you refuse to wait, then we would point you to the new Zebronics Tower speakers. 

Charmingly named ZEB-BT7600RUCF, these babies inclue a USB port, an SD/MMC slot, Bluetooth and dual wireless mics for karaoke. Price? A paltry 8888.