Qiku’s Qterra packs dual rear-facing cameras for better low-light snaps

Powerful internals and a first-in-the-world colour-and-mono camera system sound rather tasty...

Ever thought you’d captured the perfect sunset or street night scene with your phone, only to discover that your next Facebook cover photo looks more like a chimpanzee’s ham-fisted attempt at Impressionist painting? We feel your pain. So does Qiku, and they’re offering a way out...

Yes, we know you’re itching to hear about what Qiku’s done with the cameras here, but let’s get the rest of the stuff outta the way first… The dual-SIM, 4G QTerra is a 6in device, with ultra-thin (1.4mm) bezels and an 83% screen-to-body ratio. The ‘zero-gaps’ body itself is made of magnesium-aluminium alloy like the kind you’d find in an aircraft, while the display is a Full HD unit. Turn the device around and you get a fingerprint scanner, which Qiku says is the fastest in the world (and will even work if your hands are wet), and a curved back which makes the device easier to hold. Under that curved back is a T-shaped battery, which at 3700mAh should hopefully be big enough to keep the massive display going through the day. And while the internal storage might seem low at 16GB, it’s expandable by another 128GB.

Inside, the QTerra has flagship-level hardware, with a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 doing the Android tango with 3GB RAM. Qiku also says a lot of thought has gone into the software experience, with the 360 OS (based on Lollipop 5.1.1) offering plenty of options for the power user - freeze apps, control permissions, and even uninstall any app you want.

But it’s the cameras that really stand out (not that the rest of the device doesn’t sound tasty). At the front is an 8MP, f/2.4 camera, and at the back, you guessed it, are two 13MP, F/1.8 cameras - a Sony IMX278-powered colour camera, and a mono (b&w) camera that uses Sony’s IMX214 sensor. What’s that for, you wonder. Well, according to Qiku, the black-and-white camera captures oodles of detail and light, which is combined with the colour sensor’s imagery to give you drastically better low-light photos, with finer detail and a far greater dynamic range.

The Qiku QTerra is available online on Gadgets 360 for 21,999, though there’s an invite system which lets you chop off 2,000 from the list price.