Pump it up, laptop style!

Laptops don’t have good audio, you say? “Try us on for size,” say brothers-in-arms HP and B&O

HP’s new notebooks come blessed with B&O’s Midas audio touch, providing some much-needed sonic presence.  

We’ve all, at some point or the other, sat huddled around the all-in-one infotainment device, humbly known as  ‘the laptop’, and cribbed about the shoddy audio output. And then spent money on the hunt for the ideal Bluetooth speaker, headphones or 2.1 system to pair with it. Don’t even try pretending like you don’t know what we’re talking about. You were there; we all were.

Recognising this need, HP and B&O have, in a first for both, collaborated to launch laptops with superior audio quality. And no, it’s not a one-sound-fits-all affair; these notebooks are segment-specific. There’s the gamer-centric HP Omen, the HP Spectre x360 for the hybrid bourgeois, and a new range of student-friendly HP Pavilion notebooks.

How does HP do it? By simply isolating the sensitive audio circuits from the other signals on the motherboard - brilliant. The headphone jack further cuts out ground noise by clever use of minimal metal parts.

Fire in the Hole!

HP has kept the demands of a gamer firmly under its crosshair when designing the Omen, with B&O providing the audio juice for good effect. The notebook possesses a segment-defying 19.9mm thickness and weighs 2.12kg. Assume this to be a lightweight at your own peril - the aggressively styled notebook is ready to ‘lock and load’ with an inbuilt NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB gaming graphics card. An Intel Core i7 QuadCore processor along with a 15.6in display will help you along in making sure you enjoy the splattering of your enemies in 1920x1080 Full HD. That, along with cool customisable options which include altering the keyboard back-light, to six programmable function keys, with an immersive soundscape courtesy of B&O, might just be your 1,59,990 ticket out of newb-ville.

You spin my world right round, right round!

Hybrids. Who doesn’t love them. The HP Spectre x360 hybrid offers the usual offbeat screen angles, and they’re definitely fun to play with. But an ergonomic design that aids functionality regardless of the position of the display is where HP scores. That, and a unique three-interlocking gear mechanism that assures smooth morphing between screen angles. Svelte at a 15.9mm thickness, the Spectre x360 has 5th gen Core i7 with an 8GB RAM running on Windows 8.1 with 13.3in Full HD touchscreen display, weighs 1.5kg and is raring to go almost all day with a claimed battery life of 12 hours. Throw in audio designed by Bang & Olufsen and this 1,59,990 hybrid is sure to have you shimmying, corporate couture style.

We don’t need no education…. Maybe you do!

Why settle for a ‘student-friendly’ laptop that usually offers just about enough features to simply get by? After all, which student worth his/her salt doesn’t try and extract the most from the laptop? Like spending hours enjoying media while assuring oneself that he’ll/she’ll get back to studies in the unmeasurable quantity of ‘five minutes’? Compromise no more - spend that precious time in the company of audio designed by B&O Play on a 15in Full HD display with 5th Gen Intel Core processors at the core. The HP Pavilion 15 notebook comes with a student-pocket friendly price tag that starts at 44,490, and even offers touchscreen variants in the series.

All notebooks are now available for purchase. Unless you’re content with sub-par audio on yours, visit hpshopping.in for more information.