Puma makes Usain bolt!

Time to burn up the track with the Puma Ignite Ultimate

When the world’s favourite bolterer, known for his blistering speeds, record shattering and the famous post-win “to di world’’ pose uses a shoe built for his speeds, you better sit up and listen.

The Ignite Ultimate is the latest addition to Puma’s Ignite series that was launched last year. Given that the Summer Games are nigh at Rio de Janerio, Brazil and that a host of star athletes are getting their game on with these bad boys from Puma, one can safely assume that Puma’s got a stunner of sorts on its feet...er...hands.

Available colour options include a sober yet serious black and a flashy blue. Let’s get to the more important bit - the energy juggling capabilities. Confused? Let us explain. The Ignite Ultimate features a special sole that is said to reduce energy wasted when the foot lands. That means the midsole configuration of the shoe allows the shoe to compress during landing and then rebound to increase energy return.

A unique three-layer mesh upper of the shoe lets your feet feel and breathe like a champion and not smell like a chump. Also, unique guidance grooves running from the heel to the toe, aide one’s natural running style - all gait, full gallop and no grouchy business. With enough features to rival a smartphone, the Puma Ignite Ultimate will at least make you look fast, if nothing else. Priced at a legend-worthy 9999, you can either try hitting those warp speeds by Usain, or at least run faster than the granny who’s been whooping your behind on those morning jogs, the choice is yours.