Psst. Craving some ‘pure’ Android? Then check out the Hyve Buzz and Storm

Someone’s been listening to our rants about Android being great the way Ma Google serves it up

We’ve said it time and again. Google’s ‘vanilla’ Android is just fine and while some feature add-ons are more than welcome, there’s absolutely no need for overweight, bloatware-packed skins that load up on features like a diner at a cut-price late night buffet.

And that’s just what Hyve’s promising: They’ve got two news phones out - the mid-range Buzz and the budget Storm, both of which come with ‘pure’ Android. Which means Material Design, no silly copying of iOS, and best of all, no touting of skins as a must-have feature (Xiaomi, we’re looking at you).

What’s the Buzz about?

The Buzz has a 5.5in, FHD Display and uses MediaTek’s 6753 chipset, paired with 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and a 2500mAh battery. A 32GB microSD card comes pre-installed, which can be swapped out for cards up to 128GB. There’s a 13MP camera at the back, with a 5MP one for selfies, and you get dual SIMs (thankfully there’s none of that dual hybrid SIM nonsense). But what’s more interesting is the Buzz’s construction: A rubberised casing that offers plenty of grip - and it’s also IPX4 water resistant.You also get NFC, a notification LED, and a fingerprint sensor with a ‘Touch2Call’ feature for lockscreen dialling. There’s also an SOS mode which seemingly turns the phone off, sends emergency alerts, and  turns on voice recording. Hyve’s also giving a longer-than-standard (two year) warranty with the Buzz, along with a year’s insurance.

Storming the budget segment

Okay. after the Buzz, the Storm and its 5in, HD display don’t seem all that interesting. It’s got the same MediaTek processor, but with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage (expandable by up to 64GB). You do get 13MP/ 5MP cameras, but these use a Samsung sensor instead of the Buzz’s Sony part.

You also miss out on a fingerprint sensor and the 2-year warranty (a year come as standard) though the insurance sticks around.

Update heaven

Hyve’s doubled down on this commitment to be the Nexus of mid-range phones: They promise monthly security patches soon after Google releases them into the wild. And they guarantee an Android Marshmallow update is on its way soon as well. But things get better - They’ve also pledged to give you further Android updates for as long as the hardware’s supported.

The Buzz will retail for ₹13,999 while you can get the Storm for ₹8499 - both devices will be available via online retailers.