Protect your precious phone with this magnetic charging cable adaptor

We haven't been this excited about cables for... quite a while

Kickstarter is often full of brilliant things to throw your money at. And sometimes it's not. Despite its awkward name, ZNAPS falls into the brilliant category.

It's fairly simply really. Plug the microUSB or Lightning jack into your iPhone or Android device, slip its corresponding adaptor over the end of your existing charging cable, and boom - you've just blessed your handset with MagSafe powers identical to the ones found on MacBooks.

That means that you can wave goodbye to the days where your pets and/or small children launch your phone into the floor when they snag the cable as they run past.

While Lightning cables are already reversible, the ZNAPS adaptor also has the additional benefit of making microUSB connectors reversible too, so no more fiddling around in the dark trying to get them in first time.

A seal around outer edge of the adaptor also means that charging ports will be waterproof as well, though it wont do much for the rest of a device.

The adaptor itself is small enough to ensure that your phone still fits in any case you happen to own, and a full Lightning or microUSB kit will set you back about ₹700 on Kickstarter, where the CA$120,000 target has been smashed with over CA$800,000 raised at the time of writing.