Promoted: Speed up your life with the Honor 5X

Great design and nifty features make the Honor 5X your favourite companion

What makes a smartphone good? To tell the truth, it’s rarely about the raw specs. Nope, it’s more about how the really innovative features save you time and money during the course of your day.

Get the Honor 5X, and you’ll have it all - great specs and smart features, all bundled together in one intuitive, intelligent smartphone that puts a wide smile on your face each time you pick it up.

Fantastic RF performance means no call drops and speedy Wi-Fi

Annoyed with call drops that happen just as you’re about to tell your boss you’ve sealed that killer deal and want a day off? Or when you’re wishing your girlfriend on her birthday? Have no fear, ‘cos the Honor 5X comes with cutting-edge tech that results in amazing RF performance.

No matter where you are - relaxing on a secluded beach or getting bored in a basement during a meeting, you’re guaranteed fantastic call quality and great 4G LTE performance. Yup, no longer will you have to wheedle beach shack owners and your business partners to let you use their buggy Wi-Fi. Let your pals and colleagues mutter in exasperation as they can’t even send WhatsApp messages, while you watch YouTube videos in HD!

And if it’s Wi-Fi you’re concerned about, doncha worry - even the thickest walls won’t slow you down. So chill out, and watch or listen to whatever you want!

All this is thanks to the tech built into your Honor 5X - after all, Honor’s the e-brand of telecom giant Huawei - which probably built a lot of the tech your mobile operator uses! So you have the peace of mind that can only come from the fact that your new phone has the best 4G LTE and voice technology found on the planet!

A smart fingerprint scanner that saves time each time you pick up your phone

What’s that? You’re saying every phone nowadays comes with a fingerprint scanner? But the Honor 5X is different - first up, it’s not fussy about how you place your finger on the scanner. Which means you don’t have to do the aggravating palm shuffle other phones need. And then, unlike other phones, you can do a lot more! That’s ‘cos most other phones merely let you unlock the phone with the fingerprint sensor, and some might offer a teeny bit extra by letting you take photos once you’ve already started the camera app.

But the 5X has some pretty nifty tricks up its sleeve - it lets you register up to 5 fingers (as opposed to just 1 or 2 for the competition), allows you to take pictures directly, and you can even make and answer calls and launch apps even when the phone is locked - imagine how much time you’d save over the course of a year!

Camera quality so good, you’ll be in demand at every party

The smartphone experience offered by the competition usually falls down here - what use are a gazillion megapixels if the sensor and app just aren’t up to scratch? But with the Honor 5X, you get a 13MP, f/2.0 camera which uses a sensor that’s really good at taking photos even in low light, and really grabs all the detail in a scene. And talking about being smart, the 5X camera has all the modes you’d want - HDR, panorama, beauty… But what’s new - and for the first time ever - is a food photo mode, which makes sure your weekend brunches provide enough fodder for your Instagram feed!

A 3000mAh battery with Smart Power 3.0 makes every flight a lot more fun

We’ve said this earlier, but it certainly bears repeating - the poor battery life of most flagship phones really sours the smartphone experience. After all, what use are all the fancy features when you’re more worried about having enough juice to call an Uber from the pub at midnight?

But the Honor 5X takes care of this on two fronts. First up is a 3000mAh battery, which is big enough to turn your battery frown upside down. And then, there’s the icing on this tasty cake - Smart Power 3.0 - Honor’s hardware and software innovations that come together to give you many more hours of usage than the competition!

So go on, take all the selfies you want and show your pals the funniest videos on YouTube, as you’ll be the only one with enough juice to still call a cab when it’s time to go home! And imagine how much better this makes every flight - you can watch movies and read e-books on the Honor 5X’s sharp and vibrant Full HD screen without worrying that your phone will be out of charge by the time you’re about to land!