This is (probably) the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The best look we've had at Sammy's superphablet yet

The Galaxy Note 5 rumour mill is working overtime at the moment.

Not only did we recently get official confirmation that it's on the way, but we've now got a very good idea what it will actually look like.

One case manufacturer on Amazon has rendered the Note 5 in all its glory, and it appears to be a genuine representation of the handset.

The positioning of the rear fingerprint sensor and LED flash has moved to the side of the camera lens, matching up previously leaked Note 5 design schematics and the design of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

It also appears to have the same premium metal and glass construction as its existing flagship brothers, which will be an improvement over the faux leather rear of the existing Note 4.

Interestingly, the stylus is sitting flush with the device, without any protrusions to let you pull it out. This suggests that rumours of automatic hands-free S Pen ejection are true. Good news for gadgeteers looking to one-up their iPhone-wielding mates in the pub, then.

There are no specs listed on the page, but we're expecting to see a 6in 4K screen, 4GB of RAM, and newer, more powerful Exynos innards.

Samsung will also reportedly be launching a larger Galaxy S6 Edge called the Edge+ alongside the Note 5.

We'll bring you more Note 5 news and leaks ahead of its reported 12 August launch, where it'll be unveiled to the world at long last.

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