Preview: Stuff India August Issue

This month, the tech landscape is lush with all sorts of bold new gadgets. Only one way to find out. Grab your copy!

It's a great time to be outdoors. The greens are greener, the air is cleaner and the mudslingers are meaner than ever!

We're talking about our tryst with the new Range Rover Evoque and Volvo XC60. Let's just say we couldn't have picked a better set of tools to take on the terrain. However, if you're the kind who's more at home at... well, home, this is just the issue for you. Nothing's going to take you closer to a Tony Stark lifestyle than a home that's smarter than thou. Unless of course you can build your own Iron Man suit. Home automation is now more accessible than ever and we've rounded up gadgets you can sprinkle across the humble abode so every spot feels like the best seat in the house. 



smart homes

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars... what's next? A smart home? Surprise, surprise. But what the chocolate-fudge-with-vanilla ice-cream-on-top does that even mean? App-controlled lights, a 3D printer that prints actual food, a Bluetooth-enabled cooker that knows its recipes, the list goes on. There's some seriously affordable, seriously cool ways to kit out your home and we've listed every single one of those in our Smart Home special. Statutory warning: grandma's belief in sorcery is going to get a whole lot stronger. 


auto of tomorrow

In keeping with the trend of smartening up every aspect of our lives, we take a tour of the holy grail of all things smart: Silicon Valley. More specifically, Ford's office space in the Mecca of tech. The brand's been experimenting with and executing ideas that are sure to inject the world of auto with a massive dose of cool. From self-driving cars to bikes that learn and grow, wheels are about to grow brains of their own. Only to make our world safer that is. No need to sweat.


The terrain's been a bit challenging of late to say the least. Turns out, the world's already got the answer to bad roads and slushy streets and it comes wearing various badges: Volvo and Range Rover in this case. We hop into the Evoque and XC60 for a ride that's tech-laden and loads of fun at the very same time. 

batman: arkham knight

Arkham Knight isn't just a chance for you to play as one of the best superheroes of all time. It's also a chance to play one of the best gaming titles of all time. Only thing more fun than watching the Dark Knight on the big screen is being him. If only in the virtual world. It's a match made in gaming heaven. 

Not satisfied yet? Good. Cause there's a lot more where that came from. From the biggest new launches, to the best games and even wrist-bound tech that'll help you achieve those long due fitness goals. This issue is bursting with the kind of stuff that would please the tech gods. Get your fix on real paper and subscribe right here or put that tablet of yours to good use and get a digital copy of Stuff instead.