Prepare for blast off: No Man's Sky launches June 21st on PS4

Start planning how you're going to explore the galaxy

It's been a long time coming - ok, a really, really, long time coming - but No Man's Sky has finally been cleared for landing.

The space exploration adventure packed with near-infinite possiblities was first revealed at E3 back in 2014, but gamers will be able to start their journey on the 21st of June.

When the PS4 exclusive arrives, players will have tough time seeing everything; the procedurally generated galaxy has a potential to hold an insane 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets, many with their own unique plants and animals.

Every player will contribute their findings to the Atlas, a universal database that fills in pockets of the galaxy as they get explored, and you'll encounter other gamers naturally as you travel between planets.

The way you can be wandering around on the surface of a planet in first person one moment, then jump into your ship and be hurtling through space the next, makes No Man's Sky something of a dream game for sci-fi fans looking to boldly go where no-one has gone before.

It's all sounding suitably epic, and now that we've got a release date players can start thinking what kind of space explorer they'll be; hunt down exotic wildlife, run scientific expeditions to new worlds, trade with other players or become a space pirate only out for the cash. 

leaked image posted on one of Sony's official PlayStation blogs earlier this week seemingly suggested the game would be a full-price release, and that's now been confirmed.

Based on the size of the game world that shouldn't be too surprising, but there were a lot of doubters online that are questioning whether a five man development team could add enough polish to a game with such massive scope to justify a AAA price.

We'll find out on the 21st of June, when No Man's Sky arrives.